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What are the car radiators produced by our company?


Our company specializes in the production of various types of automotive radiators, capable of independent development and supporting design, production and manufacturing based on drawings and samples. We are a manufacturer and trader of automotive cooling systems and automotive refrigeration system products.

Our company was founded in 2009, and the products we produce and trade include: all copper, all aluminum, aluminum plastic auto radiators, condensers, evaporators, Intercooler, oil dispersers, oil coolers, warm air radiators, electronic fans, electronic fan motors, Fan heater, blowers, etc.

Our car radiator core is made of aluminum material with a composite layer, anti oxidation, and corrosion resistance. It is assembled by an automatic core assembly machine and equipped with a high-precision die stamping motherboard. The water chamber adopts native particles PA66+GF30, which have characteristics such as high strength, high heat resistance, and high toughness. The sealant strip has undergone tests such as stretching and boiling at high temperatures to maximize its compression coefficient. The car radiator combined with the above high-quality accessories achieves the best cost-effectiveness while ensuring the stable quality of the product itself.

Our company is committed to creating a supplier of automotive cooling systems and air conditioning systems with the most complete range of automotive radiator products, the most stable product quality, and the most favorable product prices in China. We warmly look forward to consulting and cooperating with global practitioners and buyers. We will serve you with the most professional knowledge and high-quality products.

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