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The 8th China Yiwu International Auto Parts (Autumn) Fair


Guangzhou Hanbo Automotive Parts Co., Ltd also participated in the Yiwu International Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Fair. Welcome everyone to participate.  Guangzhou Hanbo Automotive Parts Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader of automotive heat dissipation systems and car refrigeration system products that can develop, designed and manufacture products in the Chinese automotive radiator industry.

The 8th China Yiwu International Auto Parts (Autumn) Fair will be held from September 25th to 27th at the Yiwu International Expo Center in 2023. According to incomplete statistics, the annual export value of automobile and motorcycle accessories in Yiwu is around 5 billion yuan. Previous exhibitions have attracted over 90 countries from Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, South America, and professional foreign trade purchasers from the domestic automotive and motorcycle parts industry, making it an excellent marketing platform for domestic exhibitors to engage in foreign trade exports. Our exhibition purpose is to "build an auto parts exhibition platform to serve the export trade of auto parts enterprises", highlight the degree of foreign trade of the exhibition, target the international auto parts market, and use the autumn procurement peak season to build a collection of image display, new product promotion An excellent platform for trade negotiations and information dissemination.

Our car radiator core is selected with a composite layer, anti -oxidation, anti -corrosion aluminum material, automatic assembly to assemble the core of the core, and configures the motherboard with high-precision mold stamping. The water room adopts native particles PA66+GF30, which has the characteristics of high strength, high heat resistance, and high toughness. The sealing strip has been tested after pulling up, high-temperature boiled, etc., making the compression coefficient play to the extreme. The car radiator with the above high-quality accessories combination reaches the best cost-effectiveness under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product itself.

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